Business Management

We assist our clients with and provide advice on:

  • Recommendations on record keeping options*
  • Record keeping improvements
  • Maintenance of client records
  • Preparation of periodic management reports
  • Monitoring and reporting on key business performance indicators
  • Business planning
  • Cash and profit forecasting
  • Finance applications and negotiations with financiers
  • Renegotiation of finance terms and facilities
  • Employee obligations including superannuation, PAYGW and work cover

Periodic (eg. Monthly or quarterly) management reporting to our clients offers the opportunity for us to provide skilled business and financial input on the client’s business and allows the client to make informed decisions on a timely basis on their business.

We believe the following business maxims are very important in our advice to our clients:

  1. What you can measure you can manage
  2. Failure to plan is planning to fail

*We are skilled in the use of Cash Flow manager, BankLink, Quicken, Quickbooks, MYOB and Mistro. Although the majority of our client records are computerised, we also recommend and advise our clients on simple record keeping options including BankLink, manual cash sheets and manual cash books.